CSB - Custom Series Bundle

The Custom Series Bundle consists of 2 components:
Custom Series EQ and Custom Series Lift.
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The Custom Series Bundle consists of Two components:


What if there was one equalizer that could recreate the best aspects of some of the greatest equalizers in the industry? Imagine ONE EQ that could have the silky top end of classic tube EQ's, the clear and present midrange of some of the great discrete EQ's, and the fat low end of vintage mastering EQ's – all in one module. Introducing the CUSTOM SERIES Equalizer by Slate Digital.

The Custom EQ is like an EQ All-Star team. It’s the result of studying over a dozen classic analog EQ’s, and identifying all the best attributes of each of them, and then piecing these best attributes together in one EQ. So that means that every band of the Custom EQ has it’s own uniquely modeled boost design, it’s own distinct attenuation design, and even its own analog modeled output section with rich musical harmonics to give it a lively analog vibe. But despite the EQ’s hybrid nature, you’ll find it to be extremely cohesive, intuitive, and really really natural sounding.

The high band boost is inspired by really smooth and open sounding tube mastering EQ’s so they’re going to add dimension, clarity, and depth... but without sounding thin and harsh. The upper midrange band boost is inspired by a combo of classic analog EQ’s, and it’s designed to increase the presence, impact, and punch but without sounding honky, nasal, and abrasive. The low-mid and low band boosts were inspired by a vintage solid state mastering EQ. They will add warmth, punch, and bigness without sounding boxy, boomy, or muddy.

And again, the cuts of each band have their own character and shape too, all optimized for their specific roles… so the Custom high band will reduce the thinness and harshness of your source but it won’t take away clarity… the upper-mid cut is designed to transparently remove the abrasive and nasal qualities without removing presence… the low-mid cut can remove the boxiness and mud without removing the warmth.. the low-end cut can remove boominess without making the source sound weak and weightless, and the high and low pass filters are designed with an extremely gentle slope so that they always make the audio source remain natural.

Get the Custom EQ and all other Slate Digital Plugins in the Slate Mix/Master and Mix/Master FX Bundle!



At Slate Digital, our goal is to create musical tools that will make your mixes sound the best they ever have, and to also make tools that are intuitive, easy, and help your workflow. We've tackled both of these points with new Custom Series Parallel LIFT processor.

At first glance, the LIFT looks like a straightforward two knob processor. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The LIFT has two analog modeled parallel filter networks that 'lift' the top end of the frequency spectrum and the low end of the frequency spectrum in an incredibly musical and natural way.  The goal with LIFT was to make the effect so cohesive and transparent, and yet, with the custom analog modeled harmonic output stages, the sound is lively and deep.  With LIFT you can easily manipulate the source to sound how you want it, without it sounding overly affected or unnatural.

The HI Lift has two settings, one called present which focuses the effect on the mid frequencies, and silky, which focuses a bit more on the higher frequencies.  Low Lift also has two settings..  BIG which is a broad hefty sound that universally increases the mass of your low end, and punchy, which is a more focused and punchy sounding boost which is amazing on percussive material.  Both sections are the result of thorough research and study of some of the industry’s top analog designs.

The reason that LIFT has been called such a "BEAST" by our beta team is because you'll find that a lot of material can be processed perfectly using just one or both of these LIFT processes.  You'll also find that by using LIFT at the beginning of your chain, your tracks will start taking shape fast and you'll need LESS processing and further EQ down the road.  And finally, LIFT can fix problematic tracks in a way that makes them sound like they’ve never had a problem at all. Ok, so let's hear it in action.

The Custom Series LIFT is a true workhorse processor that will come in handy more than you’ll ever imagine.  It’s rich analog sound is natural and cohesive, and it can help you mix faster and more intuitively.

Get the Custom Series LIFT in the Slate Mix/Master and Mix/Master FX bundles!

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