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Supply & Procedures

Q What do I get after the purchase?
Q How to I get the plugin software itself?
Q Why don't you provide direct support?
Q How can I be updated about the product I bought?
Q What is the normal supply time?
Q I didn't get my code!
Q Why on earth, it takes more than immediately, to deliver digital codes?


Q Why are some product descriptions so brief?
Q Who's behind this web store?
Q Why are the "Product's Website" URL's not linkable?
Q I don't want to provide my address or any other details on checkout!
Q Are you Secure?
Q Why are all those: "See Member Price" signs?
Q You don't really carry EVERY plugin... Even not close to that!

Pricing & Money

Q Your prices are great! But why do you show some of them only to signed in customers?
Q Will you ask for my Credit Card or bank details?
Q Why do products with the same regular price have different private discounts?
Q I see some products have a nice discount even if I'm not logged in...
Q Why do some prices rapidly change, especially during sales?
Q Why don't you offer "Exclusive Deals"?
Q Can I pay using Credit Card?
Q You end products' sales before the manufacturers end them. Why?


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