3 award winning plug-ins supplying reliable, full-frequency stereo enhancement, correction and bass management.
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Rapid, intuitive access to the big sound professionals strive for. Take complete control of your stereo panorama with three powerful tools offering incredible flexibility in a highly accessible and configurable combination. 

With these award-winning plug-ins you can naturally widen or reduce the stereo image, focus and define low frequencies, and move specific captured spectra within the stereo soundfield.
All three plug-ins are highly mono-compatible, using unique algorithms that maintain the original character of the source audio without introducing strange phase, reverb or delay related artefacts.

Reliable, full-frequency stereo enhancement, correction and bass management.

  • Artifact-free expansion
  • Highly mono compatible
  • Retain original character
  • Fix low frequency power
  • Sharper bass
  • Stereo image reconstruction
  • Dynamic visual feedback
  • Frequency banded effect


Powerful stereo enhancement

Stereoizer is a stereo widening and enhancement plug-in with a clear difference - your mix will still sound great in mono.
Add natural sounding width and depth to any recording, mono or stereo, leaving the character of the source intact – or go super wide – the choice is yours.
Get a more coherent sound with polish and spatial balance without adding artificial reverb, chorusing or delay. Total mono compatibility with no unwanted artifacts.


Essential bass management

Use Monofilter to grab hold of the bass and root it solidly within your mix to create a solid foundation.
Sending low frequencies wide can muddy the bass, resulting in a weak, unfocused low end.
Adding stereo FX or using multiple mic set-ups in the studio can introduce phase inconsistencies leading to ‘weak’, ‘hollow’ or ‘flat’ sounds.
Now you can sharpen, define, align and anchor your bass for the tightest mix.
Quickly anchor the power, and retain the essential character and perceived spatial characteristics of the original sound.
Align and balance low frequencies with minimum effort, for a louder and better defined mix.
Improve performance on systems with separate low-frequency handling, such as club PAs, live rigs, HiFi, and 2.1 gaming systems.
Monofilter anchors your bass with ease.


21st century pan control

Stereoplacer is a plug-in with precise stereo-positioning control that takes you beyond the traditional mix setup.
Focus in on the frequencies you want to move using the solo controls and then tweak, fix or align them in the stereo panorama without affecting any other regions - all with total mono compatibility.
Reposition complex audio, reconstruct a mono image, or correct poor recording - mix with confidence.
Fine-tune and get dynamic visual feedback with advanced parametric balancing controls.
Just choose the position you want and let Stereoplacer take care of the rest.


For music production

Use Focus in your music production to enhance and fix numerous situations for a better sounding mix.
Try Monofilter on synth lines where inbuilt FX integral to the sound are causing low-end smear, or place it on broad band FX returns (like reverb) to tighten up the low frequencies while retaining a full sense of space.
Use Stereoizer to naturally widen sounds that lack final polish, or zone in on specific frequencies to enhance, without upsetting the inherent balance of the sound.
Experiment with Stereoplacer on samples and original recordings where access to the mix is not possible, or try it on mono sources to add life and interest to a flat sound.


For post and broadcast

Post production audio has it's unique challenges, especially as it's often difficult to go back to the source and record a better original take.
Try Monofilter on TV, radio and internet productions for better low frequency power distribution to ensure a clear low end.
Use Stereoplacer to fix or re-align specific elements in a recording, or automate stereo position to follow on-screen action where overhead booms track to the side.
Stereoizer is a gift for subtle enhancement of ambiences to clear space for dialog in the centre or for injecting life into mono recordings.


Typical applications

  • Stereo widening
  • Bass tightening
  • Even power distribution
  • Stereo correction
  • Low frequency mastering
  • Audio restoration
  • Spatial amplification
  • Special effects
  • Broad-band effect control
  • Fixing microphone misplacement
  • Adjusting stereo image in samples
  • Creating centre space without heavy EQ



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