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Comprehensive Loudness Metering - Everything you need to make your audio broadcast-ready.

LCAST makes it easy to take loudness and true-peak measurements. It supports all the major loudness standards and has easy-to-use presets for the most popular ones: ATSC A/85 (CALM Act), ITU BS.1770 and EBU R128. Mono, stereo and surround formats are all compatible (surround only available in LCAST Surround).
Use LCAST with Logic, Final Cut Pro X, Soundtrack Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper and more.
LCAST has everything you need to create broadcast-ready audio.

Mastered for iTunes - Optimize levels for online music services.

Online music services like iTunes and Spotify are embracing loudness normalization to achieve consistent listening levels. Without it, listeners become frustrated by large volume changes from track to track. This is especially critical when songs from a variety of artists and genres are mixed and matched in a playlist - it is unlikely that they were all mastered at the same level.
LCAST allows you to target the iTunes Radio and Spotify normalization levels, so that you can be certain that your music will sound its best on these services.

Faster than Realtime Processing - Zero-in on your levels quickly.

If your DAW supports offline processing (e.g., Pro Tools' AudioSuite, offline bouncing, etc.), LCAST can be used to quickly calculate integrated (programme) loudness, loudness range and other measurements.
This is ideal for long content including film, albums and TV shows.

Loudness History - Zoom-in to get a closer look.

LCAST's primary display, the history plot, shows you a timeline of your programme's loudness and allows you to quickly spot loudness peaks and valleys. It acts like a personal video recorder (PVR) for your audio, recording up to 24 hours of loudness history.
The visual display makes it trivial to identify portions of your programme that need tweaking.
This solves the problem of identifying loud commercials, quiet dialogue and much more.

The history plot displays all standard loudness measurements: momentary, short-term and integrated loudness. In addition to that, LCAST features a custom variance measurement that gives you an idea of how dynamic your audio is. Each measurement can be toggled on and off so that you can focus on what is most important to you.

True-Peak Metering - What are inter-sample peaks?

LCAST's true-peak meters accurately detect inter-sample peaks and warn you of potential clipping. It does this by quadrupling the signal frequency (internally) and interpolating between audio samples. This process catches overloads that other meters miss.

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