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4 Amazing Plug-ins featuring BBE Sound's legendary tone.
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BBE Sound, creators of the Sonic Maximizer and a leading manufacturer of professional and musical audio electronics for over thirty years, now introduce the expanded Sonic Sweet "Optimized". 

The Sonic Sweet "Optimized" consists of four newly optimized plug-ins that bring the legendary BBE Sound into your latest productions. Sonic Sweet: Optimized has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to be compatible with AAX and Pro Tools 11 in addition to Audio Units, RTAS and VST present in the earlier version. 

Additionally, the bundle has been fully tested for the latest operating systems: both Mac os 10.10 (Yosemite) and Windows 8. With the same great tone and ease of use you’ve come to expect, Sonic Sweet: Optimized brings the classic sound of BBE into the future.

Products included in this Bundle


For years professional musicians and studio engineers have known that the Sonic Maximizer is the best way to get that professional sound and extra sparkle that is so difficult to capture. Now you can access BBE processing technology within the digital domain. The D82 Sonic Maximizer plugin is identical to the physical unit it terms of utility and processing. The BBE advanced sonic processing technology and proprietary algorithms have allowed us to create a plugin that boasts outstanding features.


The BBE Sound H82 Harmonic Maximizer increases Presence and Clarity, Restore Natural Brightness and adds Deeper and Extended Low Frequencies. The BBE Sound H82 Harmonic Maximizer can be used in the studio on individual tracks or an entire mix, or live to enhance the sound of a P.A. system.


The L82 Loudness Maximizer is a mixing and mastering multi-band limiter plug-in. Its ultimate transparency allows the L82 Loudness Maximizer to 'dramatically' increase the overall level of your mix without audible pumping effects. The L82 Sonic Maximizer uses simple controls, turning the Sensitivity up will increase the level of your overall mix without clipping or overloading.

Mach 3 Bass

As a new addition to the Sonic Sweet lineup, Mach 3 Bass will take your low end to new sonic depths. Insert this plug-in on any type off bass instrument or signal where you need a big boost on the low end. Mach 3 Bass allows you to easily dial in the frequency you want to accentuate and “bump the bass”.


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