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Although this is an SSL Secure website, in order to protect user privacy this site does not accept, hold or keep any private information like payment details.
Those details sent during the checkout process are received by the clearing company secure web server and are not made known to this Site.
The message form in which the sender is asked to supply their Email address is used only for the senders declared purposes.

Prior to any purchase, it is recommended to ensure via the manufacturers website full compatibility of the products.
It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm compatibility on the manufacturers website. no claims for incompatibility will be accepted after purchase.
All sales are final. No return or cancellation requests will be accepted after payment.

Service and support for the products, including warranty, tutorials and instructions either for installation or use,
must be done directly with the products manufacturers, conforming to the manufacturers terms and conditions.

For proper function and display of the site, version 9 and up of the Explorer browser is required or the latest version of any other browser.
Both "Cookies" and "JavaScript" must be enabled in the browser.

For proper activity, a basic knowledge of surfing websites is needed, therefore, the Site Owner don't see any need for adding instruction
of how to use the services. Nevertheless, a simple user interface was created which is self explanatory.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, sometimes links to the products website may be incorrect and/or broken and any other error can occur as well.
The Site Owner is committed to make every effort to repair these errors, However, any action taken during the occurrence of such errors, will be reversed.
The Site Owner is not obligated to remove any content for any reason.
Notwithstanding, any person whose name or company name is mentioned on the website that chooses to have it removed may notify the Site Owner
who is committed to remove the name in a timely fashion. This issue will not be cause to any kind of claim.
The Site Owner reserves the right to remove and change any content at his own discretion without notice.
The Site Owner also reserves the right to delete any user account at his own discretion without notice.

The pricing in this website may change at any time without prior notice.
The set pricing for any transaction is the price stated on the website at the exact time of payment, even if the product in question was added
to the buyer's cart before any price change took place.
We reserve the right to offer different prices or discounts to different customers or customer groups, based on any available factor.
In case of any debt we own from any particular buyer, we reserve the right to deduct the amount of debt or part of it,
from any of their payment to us wheather it's for a new purchase or any other purpose.
We reserve the right to question any transaction or even refuse any transaction at our discretion.

We make every effort to keep all prices correct and updated, however, sometimes errors can occur and we reserve the right to cancel any
transaction and fully refund the buyer, in case of a pricing error that shows a significat difference from the correct actual pricing

The Site Owner is not responsible for any damage, harm, injury, claim or loss that arises due to use of the contents on this website 
or from any product purchased from this website.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Israel, without reference to principles of conflict of laws.
You hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within Tel-Aviv, Israel with respect to the terms of this Agreement,
or any legal action arising out of use of this Site.

According to Israeli law, V.A.T (Ma'am) will be required in local transactions whether automatically added during payment or requiered separately. 

The above terms or any part of them may be changed or updated without notice.




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